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What to expect before and after getting your new website
  • The Zoom call: This interaction will allow me to understand your vision and what you want to achieve with your website. What is your brand’s goal? What message do you want to put out there? Who’s your audience? So many questions that help provide you with a finished and clean product. The call is also an opportunity for me to answer any questions you may have regarding the upcoming steps of the web design process.

  • Domain name and Hosting (during the zoom call): An essential step. The domain name is your website’s identity (ex: www.facebook.com), while the hosting is what allows your site to run (a server). There are several domain names and hosting providers out there, but I choose to work with Bluehost due to its known stability and compatibility with the best WordPress themes. I like to walk you through the process myself instead of simply taking charge of it for a simple reason – they are yearly subscriptions. You should hold ownership and handle the renewal of these elements to prevent your website from going offline every year.

        • If you already own a domain name: no need to worry, you won’t need a new one. All we have to do is transfer your domain onto Bluehost. And again, I assist you through the whole process myself.

  • Features assessment: Which features will be needed for your website to accurately meet your goals? Most of the time, no additional purchases are necessary, while other times, a website will require the acquisition of a certain feature to meet all your requirements.

  • First draft: Based on our conversation, I will provide you with the first draft of your website to make sure it meets your expectations in terms of user interface and aesthetics. Nothing is set in stone yet. This is your opportunity to add or remove content and features, so feel free to readjust your demands!

  • Coaching and handoff: Once it’s finished, It’s time for you to understand how your fresh website works. Again, with my full guidance. On another call, I will guide you through the features you will use to add or edit content. The product is then handed off to you. You’re free to provide me with administrator rights if you’d like me to keep your website’s features up to date or handle analytics reporting to better understand your audience, its behavior, and improve its experience * (for an additional cost).

        • If you require optimization services: Visit the web optimization section for more information.

        • IMPORTANT: Some features will not be made available to you for safety reasons. A tool allows me to keep you from tweaking anything that may alter the smooth functioning and stability of your website, causing it to go offline. These restrictions can be lifted on your request, but by doing so, you understand that I am not responsible for any damage brought to your site once my work is done.

  • Payment and Pricing – Cost will vary according to a few factors. 

        • The type of website: E-commerce sites don’t require the same amount of work as a simple landing page. This will be taken into consideration in the final price.

        • Extra features: Includes any web design features purchased to complete your vision.

        • First payment: 25% of the cost agreed upon has to be paid when you confirm your purchase. The remaining amount will be asked from you once the product is finished and ready to be handed off.

        • Payment method: You can currently choose between Direct Deposit or Interac money transfer. The information required to proceed will be communicated to you in due time.

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